Although we believe that all the puppies leaving Prairie Shadow Weimaraners are outstanding, and we know their families do too, sometimes there are those puppies that catch the attention of more than just their own families for the outstanding things that they do. We wanted to make a page for those who have not only worked hard to train their dog to be their bestfriend but also to do outstanding things!! Also to encourage those with a dog, not only a weimaraner, 
that the potential for your dog is only as much as you give them!!

Hey there! Just checking in with you all and wanting to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best of 2012.
Have you looked at lately? Onyx is doing well and (fingers crossed) with some more work through the winter, I am hoping to test him in March/April and make him an active search dog. I will keep you updated on his progress and when we get there, I will try to send a couple of trading cards.
Anita, Lynne, Onyx, Brody, M&M&M (birds), Smoky (rabbit)

Don't let that innocent face fool you. Rexy has been on the go since she was born. Rexy is the reason we spend time working through the homes our puppies go to. Rexy's parents Chad and Leslie were the perfect match for this incredibly rambuctious and talented girl. To curb her enthusiasm for life they started her at the Superdog Spectrum in Calgary. Leslie and Rexy began to train under the very talented Dante. From there the duo has been in various Super Dog exhibitions, including last year all 7 days at the Calgary Stampede. 
This year Rexy has started into her formal Agility Trials and passed her very first time just this Spring.
Chad and Leslie are so brave that even after Rexy, they have taken in and rehomed the very rambunctious and lively Crash! We look forward to his promising career with his bestfriend (maybe stretching it a bit) Rexy!

Hello everyone!
Do you remember the article that got published in the Calgary Herald in December 2011 -, The Hearing Journal based out of New York, NY published a follow-up story this month:
Enjoy the read! 
DR. Emily Roback, B.Sc., D.C.