As much as we love our dogs, we are motivated by something much more important to all of us. Our relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ. He has given us the opportunity to raise our families, our dogs and run our business to His glory. If you have any questions about what this means please feel free to ask us, we would love to share it with you l
We're a two family, family of people and pets!
Lyle & Robbi Spady
Bailey, Emma,Reuben
& Weston

The Spadys are established farmers located just East of Carstairs, Alberta.
They share their home with not only their children Bailey, Emma, Reuben and Weston but Prairie Shadow's Ladies, Deegan, Isis, Priscilla and the man Dreamer.
Brent & Heather Genesis
Ezra, Hannah & Abigail

The Genesis family are small town urbanites with a country mentality located in Carstairs, Alberta. They bravely share there home with three incredibly rambuctious children 14, 12 and 10 and the feisty Charlie & Zeiss! They spend a lot  of time out at the farm!