Jordan & Durango Litter  Summer 2008
I took George hunting for the first time on the 15th and he did awesome, he did really well off leash, wasn't scared of the guns at all, and he showed great interest
in the birds that we shot, not setting up point yet but that will come!  George is pretty much house broken now, I think it helps that I'm home with him pretty much all the time so it's a lot easier to catch him in the act and get him outside.  He's sleeping pretty much all the way through the night in his crate as well, had a rough couple of weeks at first with the howling and whining but now he's really quiet.  Thanks for such a great dog, 
Amanda, Lethbridge.
Cisco's favourite buddy is our older dog Chevy.  From the first night he was home they've cuddled up together - and he's slept through the night! Cisco has really energized
Chevy as she plays with him everyday (she also puts him in his place) and sometimes it's like we have two puppies in the house.  Cisco also likes playing with our one year old kitten, they both enjoy the rough housing and the cat always gets the last blow in.
Our kids love their puppy, I can't count how many times I've heard our three year old
say "Mommy he's so cute!"  The kids love chasing Cisco all over the house, and he loves snatching their toys and having them chase him as well.  It's been a crazy month, but so much fun. The Lang Family, Langdon. 
Jordan & Durango Litter  Summer 2008
Pepper She is an absolute joy and we look forward to many years enjoying her company and loving her! Thank you and God Bless Brian & Brenda, Granum.
Hondo is doing great!!! From the first night he arrived he hasn't wanted to go out at night at all. I have to wake him up in the morning, to go out. Let's keep our finger's crossed that it stays that way. He know his name already, and Tyler has taught him to come, when called. I may be biased, but I think he may be the smartest dog ever. LOL. 
(Tyler & Kelly Shaw, Winnepeg, MB)
I just wanted to send you a couple of pic of Hondo. 
He was soooo good on our camping trip, He was a little afraid of the water at first, but once Tyler brought him in, so that he had to swim back, he loved it. (doesn't like to go past the tips of his ears though) can't say that I blame him...freezing cold water...burr. by the end of the day he was so tuckered out that he slumped down onto the bed and was out like a light.
Thank you again for sending us such a beautiful, wonderful dog!!! we love him more then words can describe, even when he does eat our underwear!! :) 

Itsy & Dreamer Litter Winter 2007
Jordan & Durango Litter  Summer 2008
...we've taught him to sit and stay and he has become quite the polite little man.  leash training is going ok.  i definitely need to do more reading on that one.  he loves his stuffed pheasant and would play fetch all day if we let him.  we can throw it and he'll wait to fetch it until he gets the go ahead to run and get it.  we are so proud of him!  he is completely kennel trained now which makes life so much easier as well....
Marley has brought Blake and I more happiness than I can ever explain! Even though he's eaten 4 t.v remotes, 3 cell phone chargers, 1 party platter of chocolates (don't worry he's ok!), we couldn't imagine our lives without him! Blake speeds home now for some Marley kisses, and sometimes I come close to calling in 'sick' to work just to cuddle with Marley all day! On a rainy day, Marley is our Sunshine! Thank you all so much for giving us the best dog we'll ever have...and hopefully soon we'll get another one! ;)
Thank You SO much,
Blake, Chelsey and Marley

Hunter is an incredibly smart boy.  We have been teaching him "birdies" and he runs right to the bird feeder often to watch the birds feeding.  I think I saw him point once, so we hope he's ready to try Hunting in the fall.  He has such a funny personality and makes us laugh every day with his silly antics! We can't imagine not having this little man in our lives.  He is still water crazy & loves to lick the faucets and is the first to jump into the tub to lick out any remaining water!  Thanks again, much success with the second Jordan x Durango litter! I am sure they all will be amazing pups! 
Nicky & Stephen (Edmonton) 

Jordan & Durango Litter  Summer 2008
Luca is a very busy.. she loves it outside, Its hard to get her to come in after dark. She loved the snow, and still getting used to the idea of the river. We were so excited to bring her camping on the May long weekend - She had a great time. She slept for 2 days when we got home :) 
From the day that we brought Luca home, her big sister Arley has really shown her the ropes.... They play all day together and between Luca bitting her back legs, she is constantly giving kisses.  We hope that some day we can come for another visit..... 
Thank you again for everything, especially such a GREAT addition to our family.
Deanna & Lane (Alahambra)

Jordan & Durango Litter  Summer 2008
....he and the cat get lots of exercise together!  however the cat is now declawed so we will be keeping a closer eye on their playtime.  i guess the cat can't be too bad off cuz he still picks fights with the pup!  they both have great personalities so hopefully they get along for a long while....  

Jordan & Durango Litter  Summer 2008
Jordan & Durango Litter  Summer 2008
Jordan & Durango Litter  Summer 2008
Deegan & Dreamer Litter  Fall 2008 other than the odd teddy bear getting stolen from a bedroom for a good gnawing, sonny has been a real sweeheart to have around.  we wouldn't trade him for anything.  i can't believe how much he's changed in a month!  we are definitely proud to be part of the weim family.  thank you for being such reputable breeders!
mary, rosetown, saskatchewan
Sonny at a local Pet Expo Parade
Sonny:....he has such a personality and we love having him in the house.  the housetraining thing is going good.  we still have to watch him, but he goes to the door now when it's time, and any accidents he has are always at the door!  now if only he would say something when he needs to go out instead of just trying to communicate via ESP and those blue eyes!  haha.  

One year later and still loving each other...
Duke is doing fantastic! We are so happy to have him in our lives, and couldn’t have asked for a happier, healthier little guy! He went on his first camping trip May long weekend and loved it! He loves to explore everything and always has his nose in the ground! He also has taken puppy agility and loved it; we’re going to be doing the next level when he gets a little older. His favorite station is going through the tunnel. He is completely house trained, can sit, lay down, shake a paw, go to his mat, and has learned a variety of other fun tricks…he’s such a quick learner and always eager to please! Thank you again!
Kelly and Melanie
Calgary, AB

Deegan & Dreamer Litter  Fall 2008
Bella is currently 8 months old and is doing great! We couldn’t imagine a life without her now! She is very energetic and has become a great running partner! She has picked up tricks very fast and can now bow, roll onto side, sit on left side, lay down, and through the legs. She is stubborn at times and will still jump up and nips when she is to full of energy. We are currently working on walking on a loose leash. Next year we are hoping to get her out hunting for birds. She loves tracking now and it has become one of her favorite games. She is such a joy to have around! 
Rebecca & Joshua Kolstee (Fort McMurray)

Addison has been a great addition to our lives, she does everything with us. She is great with everyone and loves all dogs!  Addison is happiest on someones lap, in front of the fireplace, or running free in the off leash parks.  Prairie Shadow was great every step of the way, we can't wait to get our 2nd! 

Ryan & Hilary, Calgary

Deegan & Dreamer Litter  Fall 2008
Deegan & Dreamer Litter  Fall 2008
Furley is such a character and makes us laugh daily! Furley is a very loving pup, always at our sides and gives us lots of sloppy kisses when requested! Furley has his moments of temper tantrums where he'll lay on the floor and flail around and bark, I think its his way of telling me where to go when he doesn't like me! 

Each day i learn a little more about what kind of dog he's becoming.... His favorite toy is a cow we call Moo and all i have to say is "wheres moo" and he'll spend hours trying to find her and then snuggles and wont let her out of his site. I've already bought a couple of Moo's and have a couple stashed just in case. Furley also loves his raw hide and the vet always comments that he has the whitest teeth of any dog - as  a mother I love to hear that...ha ha... 
Marie &   (Edmonton)

I left the farm in Oct 2008 and I moved in with my Mommy and Daddy and so far they are alright. I don’t think they knew how much energy I would have and so they take me to a big park everyday where sometimes I see my brother Duke, my sister Addison, and my friend Pockets. My other favourite things are going swimming,  playing  ball and frisbee,  and go running or snowshoeing  with my Mommy and Daddy. It is fun until the boy doggies start bugging me but I am way to pretty for them;  that’s what Mommy and Daddy say anyway. 
I really like the yard in the new house. It is a lot easier for me to go about my business than where they potty trained me in the old apartment, but I got them good going down the stairs a few times! They tell me I am really smart but what I don’t understand is why they make me do weird things to get food. All of the treats are worth it since the tricks they have me do are so easy.  
Lately they have been bringing me to this wonderful place with ramps and jumps and tunnels. My Mommy and Daddy say that if I work really hard I can try out to be a Superdog at the Calgary Stampede,  but I really just like playing. 
Well I gotta go. These socks won’t chew themselves... it is hard being me! 
I hope to sniff you soon.
Love Rexy
Hello from Ontario.  Just writing back to give you a bit of feedback on Trace.  Trace was just at the vet yesterday and he is healthy as a horse.  He runs like the wind and is a regular jokester.  He just completed a two week obedience course and has returned focused and ready to play.  Hope all is good you and your families.
Just a quick note to tell you Molly is fitting in beautifully. She is a love. The first night we were up a few times, but the next nights were great. She sleeps all night (in bed of course!!)  She is really smart. She has already figured out the kennel dog door where she goes to do her business. She is even starting to let us know when she needs to go out. Only a few pee-pee accidents. She took to the new surrounding immediately. Never played strange at all. No whining at all. She has adopted all Bear's toys and a few new ones. She had her first check-up today with our vet and she passed with flying colors. Thank-you again for such a loving pet. I will send some pictures when I have some.
Our first week with Marty has been a lot of work, but already very rewarding. He has not pooped in the house or on my outside deck. Just the grass and rocks. His favorite spot is under the apple tree! He pees outside most of the time. He usually whines less than one minute when put to bed.
He gets nippy when he is hyper, but is usual laid back, sitting, observing his environment. 
He has a firm grasp of "sit", and we are working on "down". 
He does okay on leash. He likes to stop and smell everything, but keeps up very well. Marty and I had a great sprint. He ran beside me, on leash, the whole time, matching my speed. It was very fun!
My daughter Zoe adores him as he is always willing to cuddle with her.
I've attached some pictures:

Well, it's been just over a month and a half since I brought Othello home and I couldn't be happier!
He is doing amazing. He has become best of friends with Lady, my 5.5 yr old mixed breed. They play together all the time and he cuddles up to her for a good nap as often as he can. He did great at the vets and she said he was absolutely perfect. The staff there loved him and everyone came up to the front to see him :) Othello loves cats! When we go to a friends house for a visit and they have a cat, Othello does his best to make friends with them. He is such a happy fellow, all about lovin' & playin' and makes the funniest faces! He is also an incredibly smart boy! He knows his name and comes when called, he can sit & shake, is starting to fetch and sits and waits for the 'ok' to eat his dinner :) House training has also been going amazingly well! He has picked up on it very fast! There have been minimal accidents in the house. Although he hasn't figured out how to ask to go outside yet, he will go and stand staring at the door, so you really have to watch! I can't believe how fast he's growing. He has more than doubled in size since I brought him home. He currently weighs 25 lbs and stands just about 18" at the shoulders......they grow up so fast ~sniffle~ :)
 Thank you Heather & Robbi (Prairie Shadow Weimaraners) for this perfect addition to the family. I can't wait until the summer when I can take him swimming! He loves the bath tub :)
Hi Heather and Robbi!
Luna's doing great! We had our first training class last night at Sit Happens. After she gets through this round we're going to sign her up for agility and/or tracking courses. Can't wait!!
You've asked the wrong person for photos... I have SOOOO many I couldn't decide which to send you. See attached.
I know the puppy picture is old, but its just so darn cute I had to include it!
Update  Hi Heather and Robbi,

Things are going really well with Pepper. We weren't sure how things would go with a new baby in the house. When the baby came, she seemed to adjust pretty quickly! She has become rather mellow, but yet still loves to go for runs and to play with the frisbee whenever we can! Thanks again so much!

Brian and Brenda
Hi Heather and Robbi!
Nila is doing awesome!! She has bounds of energy and loves when I take her on long runs. Nila is a very smart, lovable and beautiful companion...I couldn't have asked for a better dog!!!
I have attached some photos from summer!
Thank you soo much for breeding such excellent Weimaraners!
Thea Norton (Sherwood Park, AB)
Heather and Robbi,
We were just looking at your website and we think it is already awesome. We can't help but say " awww" when we see the puppies.
We have met another of your puppies in  a "recall' class, her name is Rexy ( she is about 18mos old) Jazz and Rexy have fun in class, sometimes too
much sooo!!! It is interesting to see that Jazz is bigger/ wider than Rexy.
We have included some of our "awww" pictures. 
take care, barb leteta
Hi Heather & Robbi!
If you have not received pictures of Willow yet, you should be soon.  I have tonnes of pics but my friends are far more computer savvy than myself, so they offered to send you some of the ones they have taken of her.
She continues to be the center of our world, and Paul and I  laugh at ourselves because of how crazy we are about her!
For Christmas I gave Paul a photo album filled with pictures of her, and enlarged and framed some more.  His gift to me was a digital picture frame loaded with pictures of her!  We had to laugh about that!  (And consider the fact some people would think we are, um, a little obsessed?)
She was at the Vets for her annual vaccines last week and our Vet commented on how she is really coming into her own now.  And it's true.  She's filling out physically and her personality is changing as well.  My coworkers have commented that she is now ready to have a puppy friend, as she definitely wasn't before.  She is still overly exuberant when it comes to playing, but she is now learning to match her level of play with the other dog.  When she wants to play with little dogs in the shop she will get down low and then roll on her back and wiggle around just begging for them to play.  She makes us laugh every day, and is the best snuggler ever!
It's so hard to keep checking your site and seeing that there is a little girl still available, but we know that we really want a puppy from Deegan and Dreamers next litter if that is still a possibility.  Gosh I hope she finds a home!!!
It really is our hope still to acquire, with the possibility of breeding, another puppy from you when they come available.
It would probably make sense to come out to get her our selves, so that we may also get to know you better!
Willow is a very happy dog, and is the "greeter" at my Grooming Studio.  People love her and have enjoyed watching her grow!
We feel so blessed to have her in our lives, and thank you again for our lovely, lovely girl!
Most sincerely,
Paula and Paul

We can’t believe it’s been over a year since Finley’s come home with us, she is such a sweet girl and fits into our life absolutely perfectly.  Wherever we go Finley comes along……she has joined us for many ice fishing trips, fishing in the boat, camping, sledding, whatever it is Finley’s there too. We were so happy with how good she was on her first camping trip, she stayed close to the cabin the whole time and LOVED swimming.
I’ve never known a dog to be so cuddly and affectionate, she will sleep on the bed with her body outstretched and head actually on the pillow when given the chance.  Finley has become our little grey shadow in the past while, she does not like to do things on her own…..she wants to be where everyone else is!!!
Housetraining Finley was almost too good to be true, she had a few accidents for the first few weeks of course but caught on very quickly to going to the door. Finley stays close while walking off leash, goes to her kennel wilingly (MOST of the time) and is great with kids. It’s hilarious watching Fin try so hard to keep her eyes open and head up at the end of a busy day, it’s like she has too much pride to rest her head and ends up doing the “head bob” when she thinks we aren’t looking.
Finley has given us so many laughs over the past year and is growing into such a good girl, we love having her as part of our life. Thank you so much for the incredible dog!!!

 Kevin and Shannon

Greetings from the Werewka Family,
Boone has been such a great addition to our family...he is such a joy to have in our lives!!  Boone is a very social dog, he loves people and
especially loves to play with other dogs.  He is a bit of a trouble maker, as he likes to sneak away and get into stuff he knows he shouldn't!! 
He is always by our sides and still won't have a nap unless he is cuddling with someone.  Nolan has taken him out bird hunting and he has
great expectations for him...can't wait for next bird hunting season!!  We can't wait to take him camping...I have a feeling he is going to love
it!!  Boone is such an incredibly smart dog, and has a personality all his own...we could not imagine our lives without him in it!!  Thanks!!
Hello Heather/ Robbie:
Thought I would send some updated pics of the kids.  
Anyways, Lizzie is very lovey. She likes to touch, but only when she has the time. She is DEFINITELY the instigator, bad girl….. She had to ‘learn’ to stay in the yard now that it’s nicer out and Mike has been home for a month. Walker is my baby, right attached to me and always happy! Happy! to see me. As you can see in the pictures, they are VERY close to the same size. But Walker has outgrown Lizzie now. She will stay smaller I think, but he’s almost 60 pounds and he’s just over 6 months. Lizzie’s 43 lbs and has been for a while now. The vet loves her and lets her roam around when she’s there. Lizzie is SO good with kids, other dogs, animals really in general. But SHE has the instinct to hunt. You can see in her, and she’s stelth and FAST and quiet. She’s very beautiful actually, very lean and adaptive and friendly. No emotion with her though; her facial expression never changes. Walker’s more sucky and likes all the attention where Lizzie couldn’t be bothered to beg for any attention; she has better things to do. Hahahaha…. We sit outside and have tea every night and watch them play – it’s a show in itself.
Anyways, thank you for Lizzie. She has filled a gap in my life personally from Jersey leaving that I never thought she could do. I originally took her for a funtime  partner for Walker, but we all couldn’t imagine life without her. She’s just so sweet and loving…. And having them grow up together is really so much easier because they entertain each other. We are FINALLY at the point that the house is no longer a toilet – tee hee – so that’s good. 
Keep in touch…more pics to come!

Colleen Hardy
Just wanted to let you know that Nila is doing great. She's such an awesome and outgoing puppy....everyday is interesting with her. I love watching her grow, which seems like everyday.
Thea Norton, Spruce Grove.