​Part of being a responsible breeder is providing homes for our dogs that cannnot stay in their original homes. We understand that this happens for all sorts of reasons and no amount of interviews and applications can prepare us for what the future holds. Every year we have had the opportunity and challenge to take wonderful dogs, evaluate their temperment, behavioural and emotional needs and match them with a family that is willing to take on the challenge of working with them.
Sometimes it is simply a life change that has made the situation unacceptable for the dogs well being and sometimes it is the inability of the family to handle all of the challenges that come with owning a dog. Whatever the reason here are some of the stories of those who have joined us on this journey.....

We received "the call", "we don't know what to do with our dog anymore, she destroys everything. We love her but she has too much energy and we just don't know what else to do? Can we bring her back?" No questions asked we were on our way to bring her home.
We received this beautiful girl back on a sunny afternoon, she was 30lbs over weight, seeking all of our attention, she jumped up on people and displayed all the symptoms of a dog unattended and undisciplined. We knew she would be a special case and we would need work hard to retrain before we even attempted looking for a new home for her. We were in the middle of interviewing for our current litter when this very special family walked into our lives.... 

​Where to start? It all began when we did so much research on finding the RIGHT breed of dog for our family and thought the weim would be perfect. 

We first went to Heather and Robbie for a puppy but when we saw this cute girl peeking over the fence trying so hard to grab our attention we couldn’t help but ask about her. What can we say, it was love at first sight. She came home with us at 1.5 years old and it has been nothing but rewarding from day one. The PSW girls have ALWAYS been there for us when we’ve had questions or concerns (literally waiting no more than a few minutes for a reply) and have supported and trusted us.

As for Daisy, if you ask her, I’m sure she would say she’s 50% woof-woof and 50% human. There isn’t a day that goes by where she doesn’t make all of us smile be it with her wiggling butt (let’s be honest she doesn’t really have a tail), or the fact that she can curl up into the tiniest ball when it’s nap time, or that she lets my 7 year old son use her as a pillow/chair/bed/blanket and of course play buddy. She goes everywhere with us and I mean everywhere! She has even become quite the jet-setter on our winter vacations. 

With our great experience in adopting Miss Daisy, we have since fostered many dogs as well. We can relate to the fact that sometimes we go through tough times in our lives and need a little help from others.  Knowing first-hand that the hardest decision may be to temporarily re-home their weim while they go through a transition in their life, or need to find a permanent new home for what-ever reason. PSW is committed to ensuring they are there for all of their clients at any time, day or night.  We are grateful that PSW has come to us to entrust our family as a foster home.

The Ivison’s (and Miss Daisy)


We received "the email", actually from someone we had never met. They had come into possession of one of our dogs through a friend. This was unique as he was our oldest return. A five year old male. The original family had split up and they needed a home so passed him on. The new owner explained he barked all the time, ate poop, rolled in poop, he would not go in the crate and they just couldn't handle him anymore. 
We prepared ourselves for the worst and set up a month long assessment with our favorite trainer and PSW dog owner Andy McBeth. When they dropped Finn off, more of the story came to light. Finn had spent the last weeks in a crate all day while the current owner went to work. Certainly exacerbating his fear of crates. We sent him to Andy, only to get a phone call the next day. "Come and get Finn, he is amazing, he is trained and an incredible dog, his only issue is he is looking for a family to love and care for him". We had an appointment with a family looking for an adult dog coming out that evening, so we felt they should meet Finn...


“Our family had made a decision to add a dog to our family this year, so we did our research. We knew that choosing the right breed was a good start to success. The Weimaraner fit our family’s active lifestyle and we had one parent not working full-time which we thought would be important. We also loved the athletic look of this dog with the piercing eyes and the short hair was a bonus (very little shedding). So the googling started and we came across the Prairie Shadow website that showed us their dedication to this breed and decided to call. We considered a puppy but were open to other ideas as we understood how much work a puppy would be. An adult dog would be less expensive, already neutered, have up-to-date vaccinations, and likely would have had some training. There were some unknowns about history but we were open to the idea.
There was information about a 5 yr old female dog that was finished breeding (for medical reasons) and we quickly warmed up to the idea of adopting an older dog. Heather and Robbi suggested we come out for a visit so we jumped in the car and brought the whole family (we have 2 teenagers). Just before we left, Heather and Robbi had a 4.5 yr old male dog also come available and asked if we would meet him too. During our visit, we learned a lot of things about the temperament of these two adult Weims and it was soon clear which one would be a better fit for our family. Heather and Robbi guided us towards the better decision and the male, Finnley, joined our family a few days later. I thought I’d go with the female for sure, but Finn had a better personality for city living. Heather and Robbi had also sent Finn up to a trainer in Edmonton for an assessment and this confirmed that Finn was ready to join us. We got a written report and a phone number to call if we had questions. And if things didn’t work out and Finn wasn’t a good fit, Prairie Shadow offered to take him back. They want only the best for their dogs.
The experience was very good overall, and we are delighted to have Finn in our home. He adapted quickly to our house routines and within a week or two, had bonded with us. I take him almost everywhere with me now (my parents/siblings love him) and I feel lucky to have this wonderful animal as part of our family.”
Marg Negenman
Michael Huck