In 2010 we were honoured to be featured by Eukanuba in the February & October Edition of Readers Digest....
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As a quality weimaraner breeder it is our aim to give you information on this prestigious breed. If after your research you are interested in making one of our incredible dogs part of your family we share with you our mission: to make available to our weimaraner owners a superior pedigreed dog that can be their bestfriend, their hunting companion or, if they so please, a weimaraner that holds its own in the conformation ring! 

 We appreciate many things about the weimaraner most specifically  that they are a very unique dog known not only for beauty, but extreme loyalty and a natural hunt ability. It is for all of these reasons our weimaraners have won our heart and continue to teach us new things on a daily basis. 

We are a small, homebased kennel located in the heart of Mountain View County, Alberta.  As a breeder we do our best to educate ourselves on all things weimaraner but are also available to learn. We enjoy the opportunities our dogs bring us in getting to know many other weimaraner and dog lovers alike. We make ourselves available to you, so even if your not sure if this is the right breed for you call or email us and we would be happy to speak with you and tell you about ourselves and the Weimaraner.

Spring 2021 Puppies Are All Sold!
Every 2nd year we have a big family reunion. It is a great time had by all, we tell stories, we learn new things from some of our more educated dogs and we do a lot of eating, playing and laughing...